Choosing an electric trolley is truly a wise decision but that does not mark an end to your responsibility of preparing well for the upcoming golf sessions. When you buy any golf vehicle, it is obvious that you are also accountable for its upkeep and storage. As a fact, just like other machines, even an electric trolley is prone to easy break down in case of careless or no upkeep at all. One of the critical upkeeping tasks is to upgrade the trolley with new spares in case the present ones appear to deteriorate.

Therefore, having spares well in advance is essential. This actually inspires several trolley owners to buy some useful spares along with the trolley or much before they are predicted for use. However, while buying trolley spares, there are several factors to consider for buying the right items such as brand, trolley type, and usage features. However, there are two more factors to keep in mind, which are important but highly ignored. Let’s check them out now!

Compatibility with Add-ons or New Models

Most golfers know about buying the spares that go well with the existing trolley type. However, it is even more beneficial to choose stuff that can work well with the new add-ons or accessories as well as with the new trolley model that you may consider for purchase in future.

For example, consider buying motor-based spares that can work with both 18 and 36 hole lithium batteries as well as with any model of electric trolley. Such a smart thought can prevent you from buying spares every time when you use a new accessory or a new trolley model.


The period of warranty that a manufacturer offers for spare parts indicates two vital factors: Durability and reliability. Therefore, consider buying a good warranty protection, which conveys that the products are good enough to delay repairs for a long time. A spare item with an impressive warranty means that it is well designed with high quality materials, which relieves you from the hassle of frequent repair cost.

Nothing can save your repair cost as much as a long warranty period. As a tip, look for type of warranty. A few spares might come labeled with “manufacturer’s warranty”, which means sending the spare item to the same manufacturer for fixing. Many spares come with “return to base” indicating the customer to pay the full repair cost.

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