Indonesia is an archipelago country which consists of thousands islands. People all around the world have known Bali Island with its beautiful culture and tourism spots. Who can forget the sunset in its white sand beach? People may recognize Bunaken as a world class diving spot. However, Bali and Bunaken are not the only “watery” place with beauty in Indonesia. Have you ever heard about Karimun Java Islands? https://rupiah138.xn--6frz82g/

Karimun Java Islands is located at Java Sea approximately 83 kilometers north Java Island. To reach the islands from Jogjakarta, people must go to Jepara first and get on boat to cross the sea. There are some transportation choices to get there, but to experience super cheap and adventurous trip, motorcycle could be chosen. By using this vehicle, we do not spend more than 75.000 rupiahs for gasoline for about 4-5 days tour. You will adventure 5-6 hours ride from Jogjakarta to Jepara. Please enjoy the view around the road. Do not be shocked when you find the road getting crowded at noon. If exhausted, you can stop once or twice during the ride.

After arrive in Jepara, you have to go to Kartini Beach and find your ferry. By paying 28.500 rupiahs per person for economic class seat and 27.500 rupiahs each motorcycle, you will find yourself floating on a medium size ferry. You will be shaken for a little while, but after dropped on the main island of Karimun Java, the wonderful view and atmosphere will replace that “tiny” pain. Then, it is the time to fully enjoy the islands.

To get cheap place to stay overnight, you can go to some government office, such as police office. Just be friendly with the officer and they will very please to give you place to sleep and bath. There are some citizens who sell food for tourists with low price, so you do not have to worry about your stomach. Like I have say before, you just have to be friendly with the island people and perhaps you will find yourself roast fishes with them for free.

Karimun Java offers many kind of excitement even you do not bring much money. You can use motorcycle you bring along to explore the main island. There are some fabulous white sand beaches that you will not regret. If you want to go to another island, you can rent a fisherman’s boat by paying 300.000-350.000 rupiahs (price could be cheaper if you get close with them). You will be free to dive, to swim, to sail, to explore the islands, or to sit and enjoy the sea. If do not have enough money to rent a boat, why do not “hitchhike” when the fisherman goes to work? It is kind of another adventure. It is all up to you.


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