If you want to hit the slopes in one of the top ski resorts in France and stay in a fantastic ski chalet, La Tania is one of the best options for you. Small, cosy but with some great skiing and an excellent atmosphere, La Tania is a very popular resort that seems to offer it all. However, if you prefer to get off the slopes and enjoy some off-piste action, what are your options when you head to La Tania? Here is a short guide to the best places for off-piste skiing in the region. www.descol.hr

Dou Des Lanches

If you want some real off-piste action then you have to get out exploring and leave the chalet. La Tania has lots of possibilities to explore, and Dou Des Lanches is one of them. It used to be a red run but has now been graded black, and if you head here you will find a number of options for off-piste skiing. With a good selection of drop-offs, it makes for a very challenging run.

Plumbers Crack

Plumbers Crack is situated above Col de la Loze and is a very well-known off-piste run in La Tania. If you want to go down the couloir then you will need to walk quite a way to get there, anything up to an hour, and watch out for avalanches here as well. Even more prone to avalanches is the Butcher’s Run, which is near the Saulire cable car station.

Méribel Valley

If you have a Three Valleys pass then you can check out a number of off-piste possibilities once you leave your chalet. La Tania skiers can find a few options that go from the Col de la Loze down into the Méribel Valley. Be careful here that you don’t go under the Rocher de la Loze chair because there is a very steep chute at the end which is probably beyond the capabilities of most skiers.

Further Afield

If you don’t mind going a bit further from your chalet, La Tania has some slopes nearby that make for some excellent off-piste action. One option is the Creux Bowl – although it is known for being quite dangerous so is only for really confident skiers. You can also head to the other side of Lac Bleu, or take the run that goes towards St Martin de Belleville from the top of the Olympic Chair.

Enjoy Some Off-Piste Fun

When you head to La Tania there is some excellent off-piste ski action to enjoy, so head to one of the places suggested above to have a great time. Remember that off-piste always comes with risks so you will have to be a very confident skier, and always ask at the resort when you arrive to find out about the latest information.

Also, remember that no matter what your budget is and how much you are planning to spend on a ski chalet, La Tania has a wide variety of options for anyone who wants to stay in the resort – so get searching for your perfect chalet and enjoy some off-piste action.

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