There are times when there just is not enough room for a large holiday tree, but you want to keep the holiday spirit glowing bright. This can happen in small apartments, nursing homes, dorm rooms and rental spaces. In this article, I will show you six ways to create festive holiday collections in miniature form.

Create a table centerpiece by placing a miniature Christmas tree as the focal point.

First you will want to decorate the tree with handmade ornaments. Next, place a small white picket fence around the base of your miniature tree in the shape of a square or rectangle. The picket fence can be purchased at a local craft or hobby shop. To create a wintry scene, place cotton inside your fence to simulate snow. Stand small Santa figurines, elves or other ornaments inside the village you have created with your fence. Place a larger Santa and sleigh outside the fence to finish the design.

Use miniature Christmas trees in varying heights to create a splendid scene.

Purchase three slim artificial trees in varying heights from one and a half feet to three feet tall and arrange them with the tallest in the back of your grouping on your table. Decorate your trees with very small Christmas balls and fabric ribbon bows. Wrap empty boxes with Christmas wrapping paper that matches your theme. Tie some of the fabric ribbon around your boxes and complete the look with a bow. Create two small stacks of presents and place one stack on either side of your tree display to finish off this look.

Go natural with live potted evergreens.

You can busy small live potted evergreens from your local flower shop or nursery. Make sure that you purchase ones that are in decorative pots that match your home décor. Decorate the evergreens with small Christmas balls and ornaments. To add a classy touch, place ribbon bows around the base of your pots. After the holidays, remove the Christmas decorations and your evergreen will last all winter long with some watering.

Dreaming of a white Christmas?

For a white Christmas, purchase a small evergreen tree (approximately one and a half feet to three feet tall0 and use spray snow flocking to frost the branches. Place the tree into an elegant silver bucket and add white lights. Decorate your Christmas tree with white snowflakes, white stars and white and silver ornaments. You can finish off this design by placing cotton around the base of the silver bucket to simulate snow and to help hide your light cord.

Instead of Christmas trees, try topiaries.

For a holiday twist, purchase small artificial topiary trees rather than Christmas trees. Place the topiaries into copper, silver or gold pots for a luxurious look. Decorate the topiaries with ribbon and tie bows around the pots. The grouping will look best if you use an odd number of trees, such as three topiaries in a grouping of varying heights.

Showcase your hobbies.

Try a themed miniature Christmas tree based on your hobbies or interests. As an example, place an artificial miniature Christmas tree in a wicker sewing basket with the lid left open. Decorate your tree with buttons on wire or thread, small spools of thread or other sewing notions. Use a cloth tape measure as garland and string it around your tree. You can finish off the decorating theme by putting a pin cushion and a box of thimbles under your tree!

Any of these six Christmas decorating ideas would be wonderful additions to your home décor this season!

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