For store owners and retailers, selling hand-held products can be a terrific business opportunity and a nightmare all at the same time. Hand-held products are generally high value and trendy, which means they are likely in high demand among consumers. Like most consumer goods, however, hand-held products are checked, examined and tested by would-be buyers. This increases the likelihood that they could get tampered with, altered or worst, stolen. Could you keep your store hand-held products secure? We take a look at your options.

First, you could teach your sales clerks to be alert. After all, the products are their responsibility. If trained well, they could be expected to ensure that store hand-held products are safe and secure. Unfortunately, a sales clerk has a limited range of attention. If there are three or four customers asking to see and inspect several items all at one time, it would be easy indeed for your sales clerk to overlook how hand-held products are handled. Some customer queries may not be answered satisfactorily and some customers may be ignored. A sales clerk will also fail to promote the product properly if he is confused and frazzled.

Another option is using security cameras. After all, they are proven crime deterrents. Unfortunately, cameras are not the all-seeing eye they are purported to be. For one, ineffective positioning could leave ‘blind’ spots. For another, they require another person to monitor all activities, which in itself presents some limitations.

A last resort: prevent damage to and theft of hand-held products by keeping them safe behind display glass cabinets. When customers can only see them but not touch or inspect them, expect your customers to lose interest and walk away without buying anything. This is just proof of how inefficiently you’re running your store.

You could try using any or all of these impractical solutions — or you could use VersaMag. VersaMag is currently the gadget of choice for retailers of hand-held products. It’s designed to display small or hand-held electronics for customers to look at and inspect, all the while ensuring that products are kept safe and secure in a discreet manner. With VersaMag, you can put all your most popular products on display and allow would-be buyers to touch and explore them (as they should with all electronic gadgets). Since products are made available to customers, they can test each electronic device, inspect it, test run built-in applications and explore available features. VersaMag can also guarantee optimal display for feature products.

Since VersaMag handles your products, your sales clerks are free to wait on your customers, let them test the hand-held product and answer any questions that customers may have. VersaMag can keep your store hand-held products secure while ensuring a more effici

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