Read on for more explanations of some of the most common and useful terms.


All cameras have a diaphragm inside them that can change size to admit more or less light. This is very similar to how the human eye works a circular opening that changes size depending on light levels. For many, the most confusing part about aperture is the nomenclature used. This is quoted in what are commonly referred to as ‘f-stops’. To better explain, a smaller f-stop number such as f/1.8 means the aperture will open wider while a larger f-stop number such as f/22 means the aperture will open very slightly. Unless it is an SLR, your camera will have a range of available f-stops, for example f/2.8-f/8. This means that the widest the aperture can open is f/2.8 and the narrowest, f/8.


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