Note that alongside your video title, the only other tool you have for grabbing attention right at the start is your thumbnail. These can be very effective in bringing in more views, so make sure that your thumbnails are custom made and that they encapsulate what’s interesting and unique about your video in a visually pleasing way.

Getting Likes

If you can do the above things well, then you will get likes, subscribers and shares. There are a few more things that can help though too…

One is quite simply to ask for likes. Say at the start or end of your video that you’d appreciate ‘likes, shares and subscribes’ and you’ll find this can be surprisingly effective. Even a little pop-up reminding people to subscribe can be useful, as can running competitions and challenges revolving around getting more likes. For instance, why not create a ‘Part One’ video and say you’ll upload the second part only once you reach 1,000 likes? It sounds like a trick but it can be surprisingly effective.

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