The Intuit Solutions Provider designation is actually extremely difficult to procure. Intuit oversees the certification process and is quite stringent as it relates to the requirements to be accepted into this prestigious program. In order for vendors to even have a chance to qualify for the program they must be highly experienced in software and hardware implementation, systems integration, security, and business management software. These pre-requisites merely allow these candidates to be considered for acceptance into the program, but do not actually connote a designation from Inuit of any sort.

Intuit created their ISP designation for middle-market customers. It serves as a quantitative reference for them to utilize in their efforts to find quality QuickBooks consulting experts. The ISP designation certifies that holders of this certification have passed minimum requirements set forth by Intuit related to QuickBooks Enterprise and that they have been educated in a manner consistent with the needs of middle-market accounting customer expectations.

Intuit Solutions Providers: Certified QuickBooks Help

While “certified” QuickBooks help may not seem like a big deal, if you have received non-certified help in the past, you likely understand more than anyone the importance of proper certification. While having a problem with QuickBooks Enterprise is frustrating in and of itself, there is nothing more frustrating than to higher someone to help you that ends up knowing less than you do. When you have a problem with your software accounting system, the single most important system in your company, the only thing you want is to find someone that knows how to fix your problem, and fix it now! With payroll and receivables dependent upon this critical system, you really cannot afford to entrust its safekeeping to anyone less than a certified professional. This was the reason Intuit created the ISP certification and is the reason you should not settle for anything less for you QuickBooks consulting needs.

Does the Intuit Solutions Provider Designation Really Matter?

Yes, the Intuit Solutions Provider designation is rigorous to ascertain and meaningfully separates the proverbial dreamers from believers when it comes to QuickBooks Enterprise expertise. Saying you are an expert and being an expert are two different things. When it comes to QuickBooks Enterprise, the great thing about the ISP designation is that it is from a third party with a vested interest in your receiving the highest quality support, which benefits them and you.

Are all Intuit Solution Providers the Same?

Yes, all Intuit Solution Provider certificate holders did meet the “minimum” criteria required by Intuit to acquire such designation. Yes, the minimum requirements are very challenging and thus the certification is very meaningful. No, similar to most other aspects of life, not all Intuit Solutions Providers are created equal. It is similar to going to a Medical Doctor. Any MD you go to has graduated medical school and passed their boards, but obviously some are better than others.

When it comes to QuickBooks, the accounting systems underpinning your entire business organization, make sure you find the best consultant you can. Hiring the right QuickBooks consultant may not be cheap, but hiring the wrong QuickBooks consultant can be downright expensive!

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