Inspired through a quote from the wonderful painter Vincent Van Gogh, “It is no longer sufficient to be the painter, I need to be the paint, ” Roma Downey determined to pursue a life in the arts and drama. With her warm temperature and aura, Roma’s paintings has coloured the lives of thousands and thousands of lovers for the duration of the arena. During the route of our conversation it turned into easy to see why – Roma opens her coronary heart and soul and applies it completely in the whole lot that she does.

Through your paintings, you’ve got been able to pursue and companion yourself with very uplifting and wonderful ventures – out of your enormously successful Touched with the aid of an Angel tv series in your work with Phil Coulter on the serene Healing Angel CD, and even your recent children’s e book “Love is a Family.” Your paintings promotes wish and peace. I’d like to begin by asking you about the occasions of Sept. 11. Those occasions have had such an considerable effect on the sector. How have those occasions affected you in my opinion and what are you doing to remain fine?

I had been capable of draw from my experience of being raised in Northern Ireland, where terrorism and war inside the streets were a way of lifestyles for us, mainly in the 1970’s and 1980’s whilst the ones troubles have been at their heights. I actually have a few experience living with this sort of fear and the concept that something can show up from sudden locations and that things can blow up, although the fear turned into never quite as dramatic or as profound as what occurred in New York City and Washington.

I do realize that even inside the darkest of nights for us as children there has been splendid relief, actually, while the sun could rise – breakfast needed to be made and the youngsters had to be fed, and we might ought to get off to highschool. Somehow the times might pass ahead, and we moved ahead with it because we needed to. Somehow we dragged one foot in front of the other and we saved going. To a few extent I have been able to follow that experience to our present situation. With the horror from which we are all nonetheless recovering, we ask ourselves if we will ever get the pix out of our minds; probable now not.

Do you still think about the ones experiences you had as a child in Ireland? How have the ones photos remained with you?

Yes, it is my point. I think having come via the violence of Ireland has allowed me to recognise and communicate that we can and could keep shifting forward. For the first few days after the tragedy we were all in a state of paralysis and absolute surprise that this will appear at the American mainland, and the fact that it essentially dropped from the sky created a nightmare past all people’s creativeness or fears. Like likely all and sundry else, I could not sleep for days afterwards. I’d awaken in anxiety, replaying in my mind those activities. The first time I were given on a plane after the tragedy I was very apprehensive. I absolutely flew into JFK Airport 10 days after the ones occasions, and located myself for the first time in my life definitely pretty afraid to fly. I have go with the flow a lot all around the international for decades and in no way idea two times about it. I am as human as the subsequent individual.

On the other hand, I assume that if we take a look at the way this tragedy has united the country – indeed, united the sector – in the face of all of this fear and terror, we have terrific movement forward and progress together closer to peace. In Ireland, as an instantaneous reaction to what has came about within the United States, the I.R.A. Has laid down their arms knowing that nowhere in the international will everybody tolerate the idea of terrorism once more. I assume they understand that theirs is a lost purpose. Now Ireland is shifting towards an enduring peace, maybe as an immediate end result of this current tragedy. Nobody wanted that the events of 9/11 had occurred; but with the way that everyone has joined collectively, you can still visibly see the signs and symptoms of God and goodness within the aftermath of these awful things.

Thank you on your mind and willingness to talk about this subject matter. Incidents of depression have escalated due to those recent events and I consider your experience and attitude will benefit many. I recognize your work on the Healing Angel CD – it’s far pretty timely and it’s message of calm and peace has never been more wished.

Healing Angel was a piece of poems, prayers and prose set to lovely Celtic track, geared toward fine questioning and mirrored image. For me, it changed into my sleep – my unconscious or subconscious – that changed into extra deeply impacted through these occasions than whatever else. We are so inundated with records; the very last smartphone calls from the towers and very last telephone calls from the aircraft. Those ultimate moments and pix of the planes hitting the homes have completely penetrated our psyche.

Collectively as a country we can keep to have sleepless nights. But there comes a factor wherein we get sensory overload. Obviously I turned into aware about what is taking place, but at a sure point I needed to prevent reading and forestall looking at it. It wasn’t that I didn’t care any further; I just had to redirect and recharge myself. Before I go to mattress, I want to pay attention to soothing sounds and tune that lends itself to meditation. I pray before I fall asleep and then I simply allow the day cross. I locate that very useful.

Can you describe your upbringing and the way that has had an effect for your healthy angle today? I read that your mom surpassed away while you have been 10 years antique.

What I recall of my early formative years is that I turned into very cherished and supported and encouraged in all ways. So while my mother died it became just like the lights have been turned out in my lifestyles. It was in reality devastating. That loss created a void in me, and I understand the girl that I have become grew up round that emptiness rather than going through it and getting over it. I can definitely say that it wasn’t until the delivery of my daughter, Reilly, five years in the past, that I felt the void crammed for the first time. My father did the pleasant he ought to under the instances, and I absolutely felt no lack of love, however a lady desires a mom.

Is it genuine that both your moms and dads died of heart assaults?

They did. My father died in 1985 after I had simply entered college, and I determined myself orphaned by the point I hit my 2d decade. So, yes, both of my dad and mom died of heart attacks. At that time in most of Europe, and particularly in Northern Ireland, we were not knowledgeable inside the approaches of healthy consuming. Our diets were very fatty – loads of fried ingredients, butter and dairy merchandise – and I think that obviously contributed to their demise. Also, neither of them were amazing exercisers. Couple people with introduced pressure of afflicted instances wherein we had been residing and you’ve little desire for superb health.

Are you worried about genetics?

Absolutely. When I deal with a clinical trouble, first and main is my medical history. If there may be a genetic weakness, I have to be extra cautious. I am additionally within the commercial enterprise of ‘display’ where, unluckily, there’s too much emphasis on photo. In this enterprise there is a superficial balance between looking to be healthy and wanting to appearance suitable.

Do you have a fitness ordinary which you follow?

I revel in health, but it is usually a time of regularity. If I had planned to exercise session today like I planned to fulfill with you, it wouldn’t have occurred. I am on the mercy of time table here. I do have an elliptical crosstrainer gadget in my home wherein I try to work in my cardiovascular workout. That is first and predominant to keep my coronary heart healthy and to growth my metabolism to assist burn fat. I am additionally a member of the Excel Gym, and they have a chain of body assault and body pump lessons. The frame pump classes paintings each major muscle organization with weights. I try to attend at least 2-three times in keeping with week.

If time were not a factor, what fitness recurring could you pursue?

I might attempt to do some thing every day, alternating between cardiovascular emphasis one day and a weight exercise the following, with a little yoga thrown in to alleviate strain. I like to exercise session – I like the way it makes me look and feel. I like how I experience after a exercise. I regularly forget about, in particular when I’m tired, that workouts truely provide me more electricity.

What are some ‘traditional’ physical games that you do NOT enjoy doing?

I don’t experience saying no to Häagen-Dazs! But I would instead sacrifice a dessert in place of should do a further set of pushups. Really, I revel in the weight exercises extra than the cardiovascular exercising. I find that jogging on a treadmill leaves me a bit bored, frankly. Every minute looks as if an hour. So it’s genuinely tough for me to live on there to get my 20 minutes accomplished.

I do discover that I do plenty higher running out in a group. I discover it very difficult to encourage myself. I don’t have a first rate deal of field when it comes to operating out. If I am laying by myself to do fifty sit down-ups, that fifty very without difficulty becomes twenty, and I tell myself that I will do extra later. But when I’m in a group scenario I am way too aggressive, and if it kills me, I will do the fifty. I find that I work out better when I go to the membership instead of doing it on my own. When I make myself get down to the gym and get into the magnificence, then I do outstanding. And of route there are generally hundreds of girls who’re half my age and I tell myself – I am certain they’re now not going to complete if I am now not!

How would you describe your nutritional perspective and conduct?

Because I perform a little weight work – and that is small weights, I’m now not suggesting I’m Arnold the bodybuilder right here – I am aware that my frame needs protein. I try to have a excessive protein, low-fat food regimen. I love fish. I don’t devour an excessive amount of dairy and I try and make sure that, mainly within the iciness months, that I complement everything with plenty of vitamins. I begin every day with a health smoothie that is protein primarily based with a banana and all the vitamin supplements that I take.

Because of the hours that I am working, my biggest mistake is that I forget to consume. I’m not suggesting that this is the manner you should do it. But I just get caught up within the work. I don’t have an great urge for food, and I once in a while need to be reminded to consume. I understand that it’s higher for the body to consume each 2-3 hours to obtain the metabolic at an premiere degree. So I will snack on the set – usually eating a combination of cottage cheese and fruit.

Do you have any dietary ‘responsible pleasures?’

My favorite Häagen-Dazs is known as Dulce de Leche. It’s a caramel swirl in wealthy ice cream – it is sinfully candy, but it’s a spoonful of heaven! My experience is that in case you take a spoonful on the freezer, standing up, then that does not count! It’s simplest whilst you are sitting down with a bowl and a spoon that there are calories. Calories one way or the other don’t count number when you stand on the fridge.

For an Angel, it is outstanding how down to earth you are.

The hardest element with seeking to get in shape or shed pounds or trying to stay healthful is simply getting started. Sometimes it’s easy to permit our time commitments or paintings schedules get within the manner of our fitness desires. I locate that if I permit my exercises pass for every week or weeks, then it is difficult to get again into doing it. But it truly is the time which you’ve without a doubt were given to make yourself pass. When you get out of a recurring it is too clean to mention sure to a further portion of French fries and tell yourself that you’ll move the following day, or subsequent week, or I’ll cross inside the new 12 months. Don’t get into that entice – move now! Do it.

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