It appears that in the beginning in 1975, handiest 4 video games had been launched in the USA, the first four in this listing. A 12 months later, 2 extra games have been introduced to the list. By 1978, the set consisted of a total of 24 games. The chronology has been deduced from the Tomy dealer catalogues which had been used to provide a listing of US Pocket recreation catalogue records.
USA games had been bought each unfastened and in packets like the one shown to the right. Tomy Pocket Games have also been sold inside the UK after the Pocketeer technology. ‘Golf Game’ is the simplest Tomy Pocket Game for which there may be no proof of any US release (but this changed into launched after the Pocketeer generation inside the UK and likely in other locations as properly).

In compiling this list I needed to take a few decisions and outline a few terms. If a recreation appears underneath multiple call however it’s look doesn’t alternate in any respect, then it’s no longer counted as a one-of-a-kind game. Otherwise matters get a chunk out of hand. For instance, most of the early game are cited with and without the prefix ‘Pocket’. On the opposite hand, we were strict with fairly minor cosmetic differences – the borderline instances wherein this strictness has been implemented are:

When Pinball turned into renamed to Lucky Ball this is counted as distinct due to the fact the new name changed into inscribed on the game.
2 unique colours of Dragon Trap
2 extraordinary colorings of Tic Tac Score
TimesUp(AmericanPacket).Jpg (17517 bytes)
Game on the front of Box US catalogue / flyer first regarded in Thumb experiment of recreation
Pocket Pinball (13 holes, top flicker) 1975 U
Pocket Pachinko / Pocket Tic Tac Score (yellow) 1975 (renamed to Tic Tac Score in 1978) pinballt.Gif (7719 bytes) U. Flicker lost spring
Pocket Raceway / Racing Game

Much later UK model has identical look however is referred to as Stock Car Star)


(Renamed to Racing Game in 1977 or 1978)

In Box & UKC
Baseball (early version) 1975 BaseballGameT.Gif (8681 bytes) B
Pocket Soccer Spring 1975 BaseballGameT.Gif (8681 bytes) B
Basketball (1 participant) Spring 1975 U
Lucky Ball (thirteen holes) Spring 1975 U
Time’s Up 1977 B
Turn ‘n’ Tilt 1977
Basketball (2 participant) 1977 U
Marble Catch 1978 MarbleCatchT.Gif (7995 bytes)
Lucky Ball (nine holes) 1978 U
Pocket Slot 1978 PocketSlotT.Gif (8171 bytes) B
Solitaire 1978
Chinese Checkers


Puzzlers 1978
Pro Soccer 1978 ProSoccerT.Gif (7698 bytes) UKC
Pocket Rally 1978
Dice Trap 1978 DiceTrapT.Gif (8528 bytes) B
Target Range 1978 TargetRangeT.Gif (7593 bytes) B + UKC
Kissing Game 1978

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