Virtual Sports Page was started about a month ago and it has blossomed very quickly due to the addictive material that is posted. It seems readers can’t wait to get back to see which of their favorite athletes is being picked apart.

The page focuses on the hot topics in the sports world, the ones that grab the lead story on sportscenter. There is no sense of having a sports page that lists all of the scores. There is no way anyone is going to overtake in that department. They have a pretty good stranglehold on scores, injuries, stats, etc.

What this site does do well is the things that ESPN cannot. For instance, ESPN cannot go on a 20 minute rant about how terrible Charlie Weis is. Or how fat he is. They also cannot praise Sean Avery for making fun of a guy that dates a girl he has already had. ESPN cannot openly fantasize about LeBron James joining the New York Knicks. On the Virtual Sports Page there is already enshrined in the National Basketball Association Hall of Fame as a New York Knick.

The author of the site, Sean Taylor, even covers some boxing. He doesn’t abuse his platform of power by jamming too much boxing down the readers’ throats, but he keeps our collective ears to the ground regarding the boxing world.

Reader feedback is permitted and encouraged. All comments, even bad ones, are left on the page for all viewers to see. Every two weeks or so, there is a “mail bag” done by the author, where he takes emails he’s received from readers and responds to them in the form of a column.

So if you are a sports fan, I recommend you go check out Virtual Sports Page

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