When did this all happen? To my astonishment there were Toto toilets and a spa? This has got to be one of the best kept secrets…wow! Times were when your twice a year visits to the dentist were the most nerve shattering and fearful experiences with which one had to endure. Just to look at the red asterisk on my calendar followed by Dr. Watson, automatically drove up my blood pressure. Recently I developed an acute pain in my lower right jaw and had to get to the dentist in a hurry. Yes! the diagnosis was a seriously infected molar and a root canal, AKA, an endodontic procedure had to be performed ASAP.  https://redtoto.site/

I must admit I had not been getting regular check ups, so I had no one to blame but myself. A few painkillers kept me through the night until my appointment the next morning. When I arrived for my appointment, feeling less pain because of the painkillers, I noticed the office in greater detail. The Italian leather couches, slate tile floors and backlit etched glass in the Patient Lounge, exuded a definite warmth and elegant atmosphere. My endodontist was considered to be one of the best, hence the ambience to go with his status. I was taken into a room with soft music and current magazines like Ophra, Vogue, Sports Illustrated, all appeared to have been delivered that very morning. I thought to myself, “where have I been”? The dentist greeted me and after some small talk, asked me to place a tiny pill under my tongue which he explained would dissolve in a few minutes. His assistant returned in about half an hour and led me into the operatory.

By this time I was feeling very relaxed and comfortable. The local anesthetic solution was delivered through a computer-like electric tooth brush (minus the brush tip) and I felt absolutely nothing…no stick, not anything. I felt very relaxed throughout the procedure. When he was finished about one hour later, all I felt was a tiny residue of the anesthetic but was quite awake without any pain. I was escorted back to the ante room and relaxed with a magazine for about 15 minutes. Here is where the surprise and fun started.This Dental Practice in which every aspect of its facilities had been intentionally designed to reflect a much more relaxed, serene and contemporary environment for the patient and which incorporated both a series of Dental Spa like services as well as Non-Dental Spa Services was extremely well planned.

The more traditional Spa services such as massage, manicures, facials and pedicures was performed in a dedicated, private Spa Treatment room separate from the rest of the clinic. I had written the day off because I knew I would be in no condition to return to work. I was offered a complementary spa-like services which included a wide variety of treatments and services. It was as if I had entered into the 22nd century. I walked out of that office feeling like a million dollars. This experience has stayed with me ever since.

Haynes Darlington M.Sc. PharmD. (CCPE) joined the pharmaceutical industry in 1969. In 1982 he was selected to the dental team to make submissions to regulatory agencies (FDA) and HC (Health Canada) to obtain acceptance for Articaine hcl into North America for Dental use as a local anesthetic. He is highly respected among peers in the field of pharmacology and biochemistry. In 1999, Haynes received The Team Excellence Award from The City of New York. The award recognized the value and professionalism of a continuing education program.

I have been told that such facilities are quite the trend even in small towns. I have already booked my follow up appointment, this time the

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